The Meyer Quik Lift and Electro-Lift Controls are state of the art; professional tools that save time and electricity while achieving high performance standards.
Model E-47
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Model E-60
Get the power that's just right for your needs. Here is the rugged, trouble-free, time tested E-47 snow plow control system. It's easy to install, easy to operate and is the perfect partner for the Meyer World Class Snow Plow.
Meyer E-47 & E-60 Control Systems
  • Rust resistant motor
  • Adjustable drop speed for lowering moldboards
  • all solenoids are located in an upright position for easy servicing without removing unit.
  • Smooth, whisper quiet operation with power to spare.
  • Brushes are replaceable without dismounting the motor.
  • Easy fingertip operation.
  • Total electric control
    (no mechanical cables)
  • Fast positive response
  • Never needs adjustment.
  • Slik-Stik can be located conveniently for operator preference: on the floor shift selector, on the steering column shift selector, on the dash right or left, or on the floor pedestal or console.
Electro-Touch Control comes as standard equipment with the Quik Lift.
It gives you the easiest, most positive control of your Meyer Snow Plow and is illuminated for night operations.
Trouble shooting flow chart
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