E-47 & E-60

General Information

Before any troubleshooting is started, make certain the following conditions are met.
  1. The moldboard is pointing straight ahead. This can often be done by coupling the hose from the left cylinder into the right cylinder and pushing the snow plow by hand

  2. The power angling cylinders must be installed correctly. The left cylinder has a hose with male half of a coupler attached; the right cylinder has a hose with female half of a coupler attached. Reverse them if installed on wrong side.

  3. The solenoid coils must be on their proper valve. The "C"-coil (green wire) must be next to the angling hoses. The "B"-coil (red wire)is located to the front of the Electro Lift ™ Unit. The "A"-coil (black wire) is smaller and is on the back of the unit.

  4. The electrical installation must have been made according to instructions supplied by Meyer Products.

Testing Tips

Many test do not require removing the Electro Lift ™Unit from the vehicle. However, more thorough testing can be done using the Meyer Test Stand which allows direct pressure and Amperage readings.
  1. Using a screwdriver or other small tool to check for magnetism of solenoid coils "A","B" &"C". Place the tool on the nut securing the coil and have an assistant operate the switch. You should feel strong
    magnetic attraction.

  2. Use a test light or volt meter to determine whether there is power at harness or switches.

  3. When determining AMP draw of motor, always obtain the highest value possible, i.e., at maximum raise or maximum angle with motor running.

  4. Proper rotation for motor is indicated by an arrow on the top of the pump.

  5. The pump shaft of a good pump can be turned smoothly using two fingers.
    If it can't be turned easily, the pump is too tight and must be replaced.

  6. Pump pressure can be measured at an angle hose (note Pressure at full angle) or in the pressure filter port (an adapter is necessary for the filter port)

  7. The best method for cleaning parts and flushing the system is to use kerosene. It does not damage the O-rings and any left on parts will mix with the oil. To properly clean a system, the power angling rams must be emptied and flushed with kerosene.
Snow Plow Will Not Raise
Does the motor operate?
Snowplow Leaks Down
Does the snow plow drop straight down?
Snow Plow Will Not Lower
Does the "A" Coil (Black Wire) have magnetism?
Snow Plow Will Not Angle Left
Can The snow plow raise?
See the Raise section
Snow Plow Will Not Angle Right
Can The snow plow raise?
See the Raise section
Snow Plow Will Not Hold Angle
Are the rams mushy and does the moldboard move 6"- 8"?
Bleed air from the system and snug up gland nuts.
Check couplers and fittings for leaks
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