Diamond Snowplows & accesoriesDiamond Pullaway System  
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Pull-Away is designed to place snowplow weight close to the front axle for better overall weight distribution Pull-Away offer quick disconnect hydraulic coupler, an important feature when it's time for general maintenance, service or to change hyraulic oil.
Pullaway System Ready to Plow Quick removal easy as 1-2-3

Diamond's Pull-Away System
is ready to plow!
Quick removal of the plow assembly
is as easy as 1-2-3


Lift Frame and lights are a single unit

The lift frame and lights are a single unit separate from the moldboard and can be carried through a standard door for
safe storage.

Easy Storage and Truck  has neat clean appearance

The Pull-Away 2 part system gives you the benefit of manageability for storage and leaves your vehicle with a clean, neat appearance.

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